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I have met many kinds of talented developers. Some are exceptional coders, while others have a deep understanding of mathematics. In this article, we will focus on the developers who are able to produce good code, on time and on budget.

Many developers belong to this category, but they don’t…

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To create a successful SaaS application in a crowded space you have to delight your users and offer an experience that they cannot find elsewhere.

Respecting your users’ time and improving their productivity can be a serious competitive advantage.

Trying to have more features than your competitors is a losing…

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Last year, I had to hire developers for my company, most mid-level, as fast as possible. I made tons of screening phone calls and conducted dozens of interviews. The main thing I was trying to understand was whether a candidate was actually experienced.

Do they know what they’re talking about…

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Let me start this article by admitting there’s no quick way to becoming an entrepreneur. Finding a problem to solve, creating a solution, and then selling it to customers is never an easy process. Success is not guaranteed. And there are no shortcuts (at least that I know of).


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