Level up your Vue.js game

Pencil on a notebook
Pencil on a notebook

Vue.js is my framework of choice for front-end development, and there are many reasons for that. I enjoy the simplicity, the powerful features, and the great performance it provides.

I started out with Vue because I found it easy at first. I kept using it because I loved it.

My tips on mastering Vue can help make you a better front-end developer and allow you to find better job opportunities in the future. I’ll go through these tips one by one, explaining what you have to learn to become advanced.

1. Fully Understand Reactivity

How reactivity works

Reactivity is a simple concept in front-end development libraries and…

These non-coding traits can make you stand out and inspire your team to get better results

person wearing headphones and working at a computer
person wearing headphones and working at a computer

I have met many kinds of talented developers. Some are exceptional coders, while others have a deep understanding of mathematics. In this article, we will focus on the developers who are able to produce good code, on time and on budget.

Many developers belong to this category, but they don’t feel good enough about themselves. They feel like impostors because they might not have a deep understanding of computer science concepts or mathematics. In reality, these are the developers that most companies love working with. …

Marketing and sales can only go so far — you need an application that users want to use

To create a successful SaaS application in a crowded space you have to delight your users and offer an experience that they cannot find elsewhere.

Respecting your users’ time and improving their productivity can be a serious competitive advantage.

Trying to have more features than your competitors is a losing strategy. Instead, it’s important to build the right features in a way that delights users.

Through my own experience, I have identified 6 ingredients that made our SaaS product stand out which I will share below.


You can massively improve your customer experience by maintaining consistency. It’s not just a…

Make the most out of your experience by avoiding certain patterns

Two people interviewing.
Two people interviewing.

Last year, I had to hire developers for my company, most mid-level, as fast as possible. I made tons of screening phone calls and conducted dozens of interviews. The main thing I was trying to understand was whether a candidate was actually experienced.

Do they know what they’re talking about? If I give them a goal, will they be able to work on it with a certain level of autonomy? Does their CV match reality?

I needed these questions answered in one way or another to discover the true experience of each candidate. …

Build an ideal financial situation as an entrepreneur

A lot of people believe that entrepreneurs are big risk-takers. On the contrary, though, many of the entrepreneurs I’ve met are extremely risk-averse.

When I founded my company, I was 19 years old, and I hardly had any savings. I burnt through my savings in a short amount of time while building our company. The company took 11 months to start making money, and it wasn’t near enough to pay ourselves salaries.

During the 3 years of being an entrepreneur, I went broke twice. …

Write code that others will understand and love

A clear jar of pink, orange and white candies.
A clear jar of pink, orange and white candies.

There’s a lot of power in clean code. Clean code might not become better over time, the same way that a fine wine would, but at least it remains understandable as time goes by.

Spaghetti code, on the other hand, the more time goes by, the worse it becomes. You might be able to handle the chaos for now, but what if you work on something else and come back to it three, five, or 20 months later?

One of the main principles I like to stick to as a programmer, including in Vue.js projects, is the DRY principle.


Estimate sentiment for specific topics or attributes

One of the most common goals with NLP is to analyze text and extract insights. You can find countless tutorials on how to perform sentiment analysis, but the typical way that’s used is not always enough.

When you pass a sentence like this.

We had some amazing food yesterday. But the next day was very boring.

A sentence-by-sentence sentiment analysis algorithm would produce something like this.

Without any jittering or external libraries

Tablet resting on a stand
Tablet resting on a stand

In this article, I will explain how to create a page in Vue.js with smooth endless scrolling. To illustrate how it’s done, I’ll create a very simple search page on which you can scroll endlessly through the results.

The goal is for the page to be smooth, fast, and free of potential performance issues.

Why am I calling it a smooth endless scrolling page? To keep the experience smooth for the end-user, they must be able to endlessly scroll without constantly waiting for the page to load. Keeping that in mind, let’s start with our simple application.

To begin, we…

Take every shortcut so you can focus on the important things

Let me start this article by admitting there’s no quick way to becoming an entrepreneur. Finding a problem to solve, creating a solution, and then selling it to customers is never an easy process. Success is not guaranteed. And there are no shortcuts (at least that I know of).

An efficient startup founder gets through the steps quicker but also fails faster, which is important. One of the mantras of startups is to Fail Fast, so you can learn and adjust your course.

But let me add to that, you must also Fail Cheap.

We’re seeing many companies rise to…

Gather emails from any website


Contact details are not easy to come by. That’s why there are countless businesses offering targeted contact details for businesses and individuals, such as ZoomInfo, Uplead, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

You may have a list of domains that are businesses you would like to target. There are solutions such as Hunter.io or FindThatLead that convert domains to emails and other contact details, but these come at a cost.

So if you know or would like to learn Python, why not build something yourself?

Granted, it may not be as advanced as the solutions I outlined, but a good crawler can…

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