I’m glad you enjoyed the article Claes! It’s a very common mistake, that I’ve seen in myself and others many times. I happen to be a software engineer, but I think it happens to non-technical founders as well.

I’m part of the local startup ecosystem and see many entrepreneurs trying to build the perfect product, the perfect marketing plan, going for VC $ before even acquiring customers (not in deep-tech startups) and they avoid selling until they realise all of the above won’t work without sales.

To build the “perfect” product you need time and great insight. Sales brings you money (runway) and new users who can offer feedback.

To devise a great marketing plan, you need to have a good sense of who to reach in an organization, how to reach them and how to guide them through the buying process.

And finally to raise VC $, having some traction can be key (basically in most cases where you don’t have patents or other IP)

So to summarize, it’s never to early to do sales. And by sales I mean getting your product out there to real people and monetize as soon as possible (or as soon as it makes sense based on your business model)

I’m wishing you success and a great journey in your startup!

Founder & CTO @ GuestFlip Connect with me: https://arispattakos.carrd.co/

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