Thank you Peter! I love what you’re saying. Essentially, you are the only person who can bring your idea to life by being your product’s first fan & promoter.

There are of course many more strategies for B2B sales. I find the ones I mentioned in the article the most universal (but again not 100%)

I love LinkedIn, both as a social platform but also as a sales tool. There are some sectors you won’t find on LinkedIn though (e.g. more “traditional” sectors)

As a final note, I agree with you when it comes to personalising your messages to your prospect’s interests & posts. There are times where you want to target surgically (i.e. very few key accounts) or more broadly (i.e. many cold accounts)

There are times for both. I believe that surgical targeting is important when:

A) you need a senior executive, very busy person to close the sale

B) the deal size is large enough to warrant the effort

C) It may not be scalable, but startups can get some of their first customers by getting very close to specific leads. It’s not a strategy that can bring a company to a 100 B2B customers quickly though. (But if a/b are true this matters less 😎)

Again, I appreciate your comment. Wishing that you and your loved ones are staying safe & healthy!

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Founder & CTO @ GuestFlip Connect with me: